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ComputerRepair.com is dedicated to helping people solve their computer issues and to educate them on the technologies they interact with daily.  Our articles will be informational or instructional on how to address problems in your home or small office computing experience. In order to fulfill ComputerRepair.com's primary mission, we also offer professional help either remote or in person to fully solve your computer problem.

ComputerRepair.com is powered by OnForce, which provides access to a trusted national network of onsite service technicians connecting service demand with local supply through an online marketplace - easily, efficiently, and profitably. The OnForce community is made up 5,000+ IT and CE solution providers and more than 13,000 service professionals who work in a number of technology categories, including computers, printers, networking, VoIP, point of sale and consumer electronics.

We welcome your thoughts and opinions and hope you will leave helpful comments for other readers.


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