Is My Computer Protected From Viruses?
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Do you need to find out if your computer is protected against viruses? We can show where you can go for this information.

Nearly everyone has a virus protection program of some sort on their computer. To see if your Windows computer has it:

- Click Start

- Highlight Settings

- Select Control Panel

- In the window that opens, double-click the icon for "Security Center"

- If the "Virus Protection" section says "On", then you have antivirus software running

- Click the downward pointing arrow-like symbol next to "ON" to learn which program it is. There may even be a link to the manufacturer's web site.

If you have another Microsoft operating system that older than XP, follow these instructions:

-Click Start

- Highlight Search

- Search your hard drive for any of the more popular Anti-virus software company like Norton or McAfee

- Type either of these names into the search box and see if you have any files even trial versions of this software.

A good and safe place to go to check your computer to see if you have virus protection on your computer is here: It is a secure and easy way to find out what you have or don't have protecting your computer.

By following these steps, you can discover if your computer has antivirus software installed.

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